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360 Taekwondo Academy Birthday Parties


When it comes to throwing amazing birthday parties, 360 Taekwondo Academy takes the cake. We have held hundreds of parties for kids in the Belmont area, and consider ourselves to be professionals at having fun. When your child spends their birthday at 360 Taekwondo Academy, they and their guests will get to participate in a variety of martial arts games and activities taught by our wonderful instructors, enjoy a delicious cake provided by us, and finish their special day by breaking a board! Get ready to feel like Bruce Lee!


Many parents are hesitant to hold their child’s birthday party at a martial arts studio due to fear of injury or worry about a lack of safety protocol. At 360 Taekwondo Academy, this is never the case. 

While we want your child and their friends to have a blast, our #1 priority is always safety. Therefore, we have put together a collection of activities and exercises that are fun and high-energy, but also don’t put anyone at risk of harm. We want to teach kids about martial arts in a setting that is encouraging, enjoyable, and designed for those of all levels. We don’t expect your child or their friends to have any prior martial arts experience when having a birthday party at 360 Taekwondo Academy.

360 Taekwondo Academy Birthday Parties


As a parent, birthdays should be a time to celebrate your child and enjoy the company of your family and friends – not stress over party planning. That’s where 360 Taekwondo Academy comes in. We are here to make every step of the birthday party process easier. We provide a clean and safe martial arts studio for your child and their friends to enjoy, kind and patient staff members eager to teach fun activities, and a cake complete with colorful candles. From beginning to end, we take on all the dirty work so that you don’t have to. 


When you decide to celebrate with 360 Taekwondo Academy, it’s an experience you and your child will never forget. They and their friends will get a taste of what it’s like to be a martial artist, be given an outlet for getting all of their energy out, and have the time of their lives while in a safe and supervised setting. Celebrating with us is way more fun for them (and a lot less stressful for you) than hosting something at home! Taekwondo

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